Crowne Plaza Concord - A Great Venue for Weddings And Other Events

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Hi everyone. This past weekend I did a large wedding at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Concord. It was a fantastic experience. From the moment I got there, all the things that matter to me were a class act. First, when I identified myself at the front desk, they radioed a banquet person and they met me immediately. They showed me to the room (more on that later), showed me where I could load in, and made a large closet available for me to store my empty cases and covers. The closet was right off the reception room, which is a real bonus for me because it really speeds up getting packed up and out at the end of the night.

I worked with two people, Patrick & Christine. Both were a real pleasure to work with. In addition, they were very accommodating to the needs that I had. Let me tell you that not all venues pay much respect to their entertainment companies coming in. It was a wonderful and refreshing change. I would gladly work with these folks any time.

Now let me describe the room. This was a large reception, something in the order of 300 people. Several banquet rooms were opened up to make one large L-shaped room. Now in this situation, many times the DJ would get shoved all the way to one end of the L and no one in the other section could even see them. Sound is also a problem in those cases, causing the DJ to have to set up extra speakers in the other wing.

None of that was a problem at Crowne Plaza. It was clear they know what they're doing. The location they had picked out for me was absolutely perfect. Right in the middle of the two wings so that everyone throughout the entire large venue space could see me, hear everything said during toasts, etc., and could watch all activities taking place throughout the evening. I was also located close to the dance floor and front bridal table. And the dance floor was really large, to accommodate the many people wanting to dance throughout the evening.

And the room itself was beautiful. Right above the dance floor was a ceiling that was raised with built in hidden lighting that changed colors throughout the night, just like some of my very expensive lighting. I have never seen that at a venue before. Impressive.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a full meal, just like the guests were being served. So I had an opportunity to experience the hotel's food service, especially for a large crowd. One thing I immediately noticed was that there was no shortage of hotel service staff working the event. There were servers everywhere. I really could not believe how efficient the hotel was at serving multiple plated courses to that many people. And the client was doing toasts immediately after salads so in the middle of everything, the staff poured champagne so quickly I barely saw it happening.

And the food was delicious. Waaay above the normal quality of food I generally eat at these types of events. I can't imagine anyone ever having a problem with the food. It was hot, plentiful, and just delicious.

If you're looking for a venue for your wedding, or for that matter, any event you plan on having, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Patrick Lesandrini at or call him at (925) 521-3761 and check out Crowne Plaza in Concord. I think you will be glad you did.

And of course, give East Bay Digital Sound a call too for your entertainment. I have first hand experience now that I can work very well with the great staff and will give you the highest level of professional services available anywhere and with the most personal attention.

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