Pricing Estimate for Services
(As of July 1st, 2018)

Small Configuration:

• Single sound system using smaller speakers (but still sounding great)
• 1 Wireless microphone system with hand held wireless microphone
• Up-Lighting (maximum of 12 lights)
• Maximum of 4 hours of continuous service
• 30M+ Song music library
• 4-5 Smaller dance floor lights installed on a pole mount T-Bar
• Karaoke available at additional cost

• Setup Time: 90 minutes prior to start of event
• Breakdown time: 45 minutes
• System Footprint: 4’ deep x 10’ wide x 9’ tall

Small Configuration Pricing: Sat/Sun - $600, Mon-Fri - $700

Large Configuration:

• Main sound system using larger speakers
• Additional sound systems (i.e. wedding ceremony support, remote music in another room, etc.)
• Up to 4 Wireless microphone systems with hand held, lavalier, and headset options
• 9-10 Dance floor lights installed on a professional lighting truss system above the DJ. Also uses a special system that synchronizes the lighting to the music. 
• State of the art laser graphics projector creating effects no one else will offer you
• Up-Lighting (maximum of 24 lights)
• 30M+ Song music library
• Haze machine
• HD Projector & 105” diagonal projection screen availability
• Follow spot
• Karaoke available at additional cost
• Up to 6 hours of continuous service (additional hours: $150 in advance, $250 event day)

• Setup Time: 2.5 to 3 hours prior to start of event
• Breakdown time: 75 minutes
• Main system footprint: 4’ deep x 15’ wide x minimum 9’ tall (10-12’ is ideal)
NOTE: Ceremony systems & remote speaker systems are quite small, requiring only small amounts of space to setup.

Large Configuration Pricing: Sat/Sun - $900, Mon-Fri - $1000


• All activities take place at the same venue (outside activities ok), Dual venue events incur a $150 surcharge and second location must be within a 20-minute drive of primary location

• Event venue is within 75 driving miles of Martinez. Venues more than 75 miles from Martinez will incur a travel surcharge (will be discussed when we speak with each other)

• Parking will be available for a van pulling a 6x10 trailer (total size – 32’ long)

• All equipment is designed to be rolled into and out of the venue. If there will be stairs requiring equipment to be carried rather than rolled, you will incur a $150 surcharge for the additional labor. Ceremony and remote speaker configurations are small and are exempt from this policy.

• Events taking place Mon-Fri incur a $100 surcharge (already included in prices listed) due to increased company expense, logistics, and drive time on the roads on a commercial business day.

• All prices listed above are general estimates. When we speak about your event in detail, we will confirm your final quote for the services you need. Final quote will only deviate from listed prices due to special considerations.

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